The Mission

RIMM is a non-partisan online and print magazine chronicling the common experiences of young academics and professionals in the Midwest.

Achieving higher education, entering the workforce, learning about what it means to be an adult — these all lead to similar trials and wonders that we aim to capture.

Each issue of RIMM will focus on a different, overarching theme. Our first issue, for example, discusses and highlights modern mental health as it pertains to five smaller aspects of life that all young minds should be able to relate to:


The relationships we build, break, cherish, rue. This encompasses everything from romantic encounters to the love we feel for our family and the inexplicable bonds we may develop with our acquaintances.


The choices we make, the identities we choose, the activities with which we fill our days. This is our lifestyle section, and it touches on how these broader themes are ingrained in our daily lives.


Technology. Culture. Civic Engagement. Social Movements. This is the trend section working with the most up-to-date information we have on our current society and how it affects our young minds and hearts.


What we eat, how we exercise (whether or not we exercise), and how we feel about ourselves. This section will unravel the realities behind staying healthy, physically and mentally, as an American Millenial.


Work. School. Work. School. Work. Work. Work. We spend a lot of time on our ambitions, and this section will open up what that means for the rest of our livelihoods.