How to Throw a Thrifty Galentine’s Party

If you are anything like me, you love being the host of parties, but also don’t have the cash to go all out for your friends like you want. Well, for this upcoming holiday, you can still throw the perfect get together without breaking the bank and your friends will be none the wiser. So, gather your gal pals and celebrate friendship in this love filled holiday week with these tips.

Get creative with your background

You can get super cute balloons, streamers, and more from DollarTree. Tip to note: those cute, helium filled balloons you buy just for the photo ops don’t have to cost as expensive as they look. DollarTree actually has a helium filling service!

Make & bake your own snacks

Buying a fruit or cheese tray at Hy-Vee can cost so much money. But, if you are willing to put in less than twenty minutes of work to create the display yourself after buying the individual products, you can usually save at least $20! You can also pick up a $1 box mix of brownies to bake yourself. If you are feeling really ambitious, go ahead and make them heart-shaped to show how much effort you are willing to put in for your friends.

Create your own cocktails

Instead of going out to the bars and spending $6 on a drink, buy some nice wine, a Bahama Mama mix, and relax with your friends. This way, you can drink what you actually like and not that Budweiser beer.

Host a white elephant exchange

You don’t have to go broke buying gifts for everyone in your squad. Instead, you only have to bring one gift and you know you will be getting one in return! You can learn more about different ways to do this here!


Are you the thrifty friend in your group? We’d love to hear your favorite ways to save money while still having a good time! Comment or contact us at rimmpub@gmail.com to share your ideas!

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