Make an Apartment Your Own Without Losing the Security Deposit

White walls, freshly vacuumed carpet, and polished hardwood. These factors can be intimidating when trying to make an apartment space unique to you. The real dilemma is how to make the space fit to your #aesthetic without hammering in any nail holes. Well, this blog is here to fix your problems.


Need we say more? These effortless hooks are a lifesaver when you aren’t allowed to put nail holes in the walls. They can support your art, hold up your tapestry, or hang your family photos.

Solution 2: INVITE COLOR

So you may not be able to paint the walls blue or add some textured wallpaper, but you can still have tons of color in your apartment. Easy ways to do this include bold curtains, cute throw blankets, and fuzzy pillows that pop.

Solution 3: SCENTS

Candles are often outlawed in apartments due to the smoke that can cause ceiling damage. However, there are so many new products on the market that you can still get that pumpkin spice smell. Two products I recommend are Scentsy or a simple candle warmer that works with any candles you may already have!

Solution 4: WASHI TAPE

This product is a miracle. It can help transform bland colors, old appliances, and dated kitchen cabinetry. The best part about it is that it easily peels off without leaving a trace, which is something you and your checkbook will be happy about when paint chips are not taken out of your security deposit!

Solution 5: ADD STORAGE.

Maybe your apartment doesn’t feel like home yet because you can’t fit your three different shampoos or your five fuzzy blankets. Check out creative storage solutions like an over-the-toilet cabinet or over-the-door shoe racks!

When you get to pack up all your belongings and take down those command strips with no security deposit taken out, you’ll thank yourself.

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